Perfect Seal

Tips for Obtaining a Perfect Seal!

Follow our tips to obtain a Perfect Seal:

  • Use only new cylinder head bolts with a new cylinder head gasket.
  • Observe torque and rotational angle tightening.
  • Follow the specified sequence for tightening.
  • Lubricate the bolt thread, the bottom of the bolt and under the head of the bolt so that the friction factors are not too high. Apply lubricant to both sides of the washer if present.
  • Make certain all engine parts are clean and free of distortion.
  • Use high quality and calibrated tools.

Tighten Cylinder head BoltsĀ in the following stages:

  • 30 Nm
  • 70 Nm
  • Wait 3 minutes
  • Slacken
  • 20 Nm
  • 121 -125 degrees
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