mls head gasket

MLS Head Gasket Diagnosis

Diagnose the cause of your MLS head gasket issues and suggested remedies to rectify the problem with our handy photographic guide.

Fracture due to Excessively High Component Dynamics

  • Faulty, reused or unlubricated head bolts
  • Incorrect bolt torquing
  • Damaged head and/or block
  • Engine overheating
  • Pre-ignition and/or abnormal combustion

Elastomer Scorched by Gas Leaks

  • Excessively high combustion pressure
  • Rough sealing surfaces
  • Component distortions
  • Inadequate compression of the head gasket

Detached Elastomer due to Overheating

  • Defect of the water pump, radiator or coolant hoses
  • Insufficient coolant
  • Incorrect venting of the cooling system
  • Catalytic converter failure – increased temp due to exhaust back pressure

Damaged Ricardo Squish Area

  • Detached pre-combustion chamber/s
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