Gaskets & Seals

The Pro-Torque range of Gaskets and Seals is one of the most comprehensive in the Australian Aftermarket. Products are sourced from OEM suppliers throughout the world and assembled according to our specifications to ensure correct application for the Australian marketplace and completeness of the set. We also run a cutting operation at our facility in Brendale Queensland, manufacturing a range of secondary gaskets for use in sets or sold individually through our advanced distribution network with sales and warehousing operations in Melbourne Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide and Perth.

  • Full Sets
  • Valve Regrind Sets
  • Conversion Sets
  • Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Valve Cover Sets
  • Intake & Exhaust Manifold Sets
  • Oil Pan Sets
  • Timing Cover Sets
  • Water Pump & Thermostat Sets
  • Camshaft Seals
  • Crankshaft Seals
  • Spark Plug Seals