Head Gasket Diagnosis

Head Gasket Diagnosis – Composite/Graphite

Diagnose the cause of your head gasket issues and suggested remedies to rectify the problem with our handy photographic guide.

Head Gasket Diagnosis

Gas Leakage – Combustion Stains

  • Insufficient sealing surface pressure
  • Use of faulty or reused head bolts
  • Inaccurate tension setting
  • Engine overheating
  • Soft or distorted cylinder head
  • Cylinder head and/or block not flat
  • Incorrect surface finish
Head Gasket Diagnosis

Corrosion of Cooling System

  • Failure to maintain correct concentration of coolant
  • Use of incorrect coolant type
  • Mixing of different brands of coolants
  • Faulty or disconnect earth strap
  • Excessive stray current
Head Gasket Diagnosis

Engine Detonation – Abnormal Combustion

  • Incorrect ignition timing
  • Excessive compression due to excessive stock removed from cylinder head and/or block
  • Poor fuel/air mixture
  • Incorrect fuel octane
  • Leaking manifold
  • Engine overheating
  • Cross firing
Head Gasket Diagnosis


  • Coolant loss from faulty radiator
  • Faulty or corroded water pump
  • Blocked or restricted radiator
  • Inoperative thermostat
  • Broken drive belt or radiator hose
  • Excessive load on vehicle
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